Impacts of Agricultural Biotechnology


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There is a clear and urgent need to improve agriculture in response to the expanding global population and the pressures imposed by climate change, diminishing resources, and the impact of agriculture on broader ecosystems.

Although it is already clear that gene editing and other new biotechnologies have the potential to underpin a transformation in agriculture, the experience of the past 25 years suggests that their deployment may be hamstrung by financial, legal, and societal constraints.

In this Research Topic we aim to provide a platform for the development of a clear picture of the role of biotechnology in agriculture in 21st century agriculture and the conditions that will impact its development and adoption.

We welcome the submission of manuscripts related, but not restricted to the following topics:
• New agricultural biotechnologies: current and future
• The regulation of agricultural biotechnologies
• Consumer perceptions and attitudes towards biotechnologies
• Impacts, advantages and innovations in agricultural biotechnology
• The environmental implications of agricultural biotechnology

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