Edit it, Delete it and Cure the Common Cold Forever

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Cold or common cold is a very common health condition that human acquire at least twice a year and it is even common among children. Common cold is an infectious disease caused by rhinoviruses. That mutate quickly to turn resistant to antibiotic drugs we consume so that it remains for many days without a cure. Instead of finding a suitable medicine to fight the common cold, the researchers have thought of gettin[.......]

Plant Foods for Food Industry

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Plant food sources have a wide array of biomolecules which exhibit a great diversity with respect to their composition, structural configurations and concentration depending upon the physiological stage of the plant growth, the genetic architecture of the plant and the prevailing environmental conditions. In fact, many of the food composition tables around the world could report only limited number of common food cons[.......]

Phytochemical Elements in Sweet Potatoes Showers Several Health Benefits

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Blessed in abundant with several phytochemical elements including anthocyanin, Sweet potatoes offer several nutrient, health and functional benefits for plants, animals and human in many ways. The seasonal and locally available sweet potatoes are affordable to all sections of the population and if one is aware of the health benefits it provide, it would be tempting and irresistible as ready to be consumed food in various form[.......]

Blood Clots – Symptoms and Treatment

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Blood clots are clusters that convert from liquid state to solid state. Blood get hardens inside arteries or veins and forms a clump to repair a damaged blood vessel. This entire process is termed as thrombus. Situation gets intense when “clots” that forms in artery or vein inappropriately prevent blood flowing through them. Blood clumps can also form when your blood doesn't flow [.......]

Can Salicylic Acid Foliar Spray improve rice production in hot climatic conditions? Researchers say ‘Yes we can’.

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Climate change on a global scale is affecting the crop production and productivity. Particularly, the rise in average temperatures across different agro-climatic zones is inducing adverse changes in the biochemistry and thus the physiological response of the crop plants. Rice is a major staple food in the world and its sustained as well as increased production is vital for attaining food security of future generations. Hea[.......]